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Let your IT Staff focus on critical tasks, not printers

Managing a fleet of printers has often been a thorn in the side of organizations IT Staff.  It is estimated that IT departments often spend as much as 25% of their time managing and maintaining an organization’s output devices. 

There are many printer-related tasks that often fall under the IT staff’s umbrella.  IT technicians are asked to do things such as order supplies, repair devices, or install new equipment.  These tasks can take your IT technicians away from more mission-critical functions that are crucial in helping organizations grow the business and make more money.  By reducing help desk calls, it allows for a more streamlined IT staff focused on the important tasks.  

With current average IT Technician base salary ranging from $40,537 to $66,777 a year, organizations need to rethink the idea of low profit tasks being assigned to higher salaried technicians.  The low costs solution to this dilemma would be Management Print Services (MPS) and Auto Supply Management (ASM) programs.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is outsourcing the management and maintenance of all printing devices to a third-party vendor.  For MPS programs the vendor would charge a simple “cost per Copy” (CPC) charge that would include the supplies (toner), parts, and labor to fix and maintenance all the machines.  The organization would then receive a periodic bill equal to the cpc rate times the number of copies made. If desired, the cpc rate could also include the acquisitions costs of the equipment as well.   

It is extremely important to work with a company that is fair when negotiating a new MPS program.  If an MPS contract is correctly negotiated, it can save an organization both time and money.  If the MPS program is not set-up correctly, it can end up being a huge expense and not cost effective.  To receive help in negotiating an MPS program, contact or call 480-495-2822. 

Many vendors boast about their ability to auto-order supplies for maintaining printer toner cartridges, but few can live up to the hype. has taken Auto Supply Management (ASM) to the next level.  Toner Shark utilizes a business intelligence software that tracks the usage rates of each networked printer and ships toner cartridges, so they arrive 2 weeks prior to the device running out.  This just-in-time ordering, coupled with the business intelligence software, has proven to be the best in the market ASM process.  Contact Toner Shark today at 1-877-866-3748 to get set-up with their ASM program. 

By Korey Smitheram

President TCC

October 1st, 2020

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