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Ways to Save money on Home Office Printing

When meeting people for the first time, after explaining what it is what I do, one of the first things they ask is “How can I save money on my copying and printing expenses?” The copier savings is a bit of a loaded question and complicated answer. For that answer please visit . However, here are a few simple ways that you can easily more than cut your printer expenses in half:

  • Double-Sided Printing – Change the default on your printer to Duplex Printing (Double-Sided Printing). It is estimated that this change alone will help you see a reduction in paper costs of 35-40%.
  • Draft Mode Printing – By default, the printers are set to print in a higher quality mode of printing, with the highest mode being “Fine Printing”. Unless you are printing a formal business proposal, or another document that requires a high quality print, you may consider changing the print setting to “Draft Mode”. This change will save you approximately 50% off your toner costs.
  • Print Less Color – Color printing costs are typically 10 times more then printing a document in Black & White. Make sure the printer default is changed to Black and White printing. If you’re worried about others using your printer to print color, you should consider enabling the password lock option when it comes to color printing. Most printers have the ability to password protect the color printing option.
  • Use “Quality” Compatible Print Cartridges – Compatible Print Cartridges are a less expensive alternative to the costly OEM manufacturer’s print cartridges. When selecting a compatible cartridge it is important to choose a quality cartridge. The amazon market is flooded with poor quality, foreign produced, print cartridges that can end up damaging, if not totally ruining, your printer. Companies like produce quality, american made, compatible print cartridges. Their print cartridges come with a 100% performance and money back guarantee.
  • Select an “Efficient Printer” – Printers vary dramatically when it comes to the overall costs to produce a print. It’s important to select a good quality printer that doesn’t break the bank when it comes to printing costs. Make sure to investigate the print cartridge costs and the number of prints that the manufacturer says it will give you. If you divide the cartridge costs by the number of prints, you will find the true cost per print.
  • Change your Fonts – Some fonts use more toner than other fonts. In a recent study “Patrick Austin at Consumer Reports got 27% percent more use from an ink cartridge printing Times New Roman instead of Arial. If you’re an Arial lover, (and who doesn’t love “The Little Mermaid”?), Calibri makes a good substitute when looking to save ink and toner.”

September 22nd, 2020

By Korey Smitheram, CEO Toner Shark

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